Star Certified Smog Test Station


Frequently Asked Questions

You might fail if...

What Vehicles do you smog?

We smog everything from 1976 and newer. Including diesels, RVs, overweight vehicles, buses, and anything that requires a California smog inspection. 

what can i do to make sure my vehicle passes?


Gas. It's a good idea to fill your gas tank.

Gas cap. Be sure your gas cap fits tightly (3 clicks  to tighten generally). If your gas cap is older and has cracks in the  seal, replace it.

Oil change. Get your oil changed regularly and make sure you’re not overdue for an oil change when you come in for a smog test.

Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light. If your  check engine light is on, get it checked out, fixed and turned OFF. If you've had recent work on your vehicle be  sure to drive around for 50-100 miles, especially at steady freeway  speeds, to set the drive cycle monitors before getting your smog test.

Battery replacement. We also recommend driving for 50-100 miles before your smog test if you have recently changed the car’s battery.

Worn hoses and parts. Holes or cracks in hoses and parts should be looked at and repaired prior to testing.

Exhaust Leaks. Check for all leaks and replace gaskets accordingly. 

More information. For more information on setting  your drive cycle monitors, you can often google “drive cycle” and your car year, make and model to get specific instructions.  And remember, just let us know when you arrive and we can check the monitors to be sure its ready before the test!

Re-tests. If you are returning for a retest, always bring your repair receipts and original test paperwork.

Do you have a pre test?

A pre test can give you a good sense of whether or not you’ll pass the actual smog  test. A pre-test does not count as an actual smog test, however, so it  may be better to have the actual test done, and troubleshoot a failed test with your mechanic. Pre-inspection prices differ for non OBD II and OBD II vehicles. Generally, vehicle years 1996 and Newer are OBD II compliant. However, some vehicles are an exception. Please feel free to talk to our technician  about whether or not a pretest is right for your situation. 

Do I need to make an appointment? Do you take walk-ins?

We recommend making an appointment, but we understand that that isn’t  always possible. Because of this, we schedule ample time for  appointments in order to serve drop-in customers between scheduled  customers. Just note that some vehicles take longer than others and we  give priority to those who have booked their time in advance. 

How long does a smog inspection take?

Test length varies by vehicle, but the year can be a very good  indication. Cars newer than 2000 can usually be done in 10-15 minutes,  while older vehicles might take 45 minutes to an hour. 

WHat forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Apple Pay!