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Many people don’t understand why they need to get an emission inspection on their vehicles. In the 1960’s smog used to be so bad that cities such as Los Angeles would declare smog warnings, and it was nearly impossible to function outside without a gas mask. Nearly 60 years ago there where very few laws to regulate the control of volatile chemicals such as fuel, oil, and refrigerants. These chemicals would evaporate and hover at low levels causing respiratory problems for everyone that lived within the smog cloud.

Today, emission control components on vehicles have helped save lives. Components such as the catalytic converter can transform harmful gases into harmless gases. The positive crankcase ventilation system prevents hydrocarbons from being dumped onto the road where they will evaporate into the atmosphere. The exhaust gas re-circulation valve keeps your combustion temperatures cool so it doesn’t produce oxides of nitrogen. There are many other emission components that are equipped on different vehicles and those components are being refined and further developed to prevent smog from becoming overwhelming to our environment.

Smog is a poisonous gas that is linked with Particulate Matter 2.5. PM 2.5 are particles that are small enough to get lodged in to your lungs and cause cancerous growths to form. These particles can only be avoided by wearing a mask and by developing and maintaining emission control systems on vehicles to reduce and possibly remove vehicle emission completely.

Recent California wildfires have added to poor air quality and also contain PM 2.5 or smaller. It is as important as ever to continue to maintain your vehicle's emission control system to help our environment so that we can all breath easily.

Although getting your vehicle inspected may seem frustrating, it is for a good cause. Our inspectors are trained to improve our air quality. When a vehicle fails an inspection it is our goal to see that your vehicle gets repaired, certified, and back on the road in order to prevent damaging the air quality for us and future generations.

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